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Re: Why is Brahma not worshipped in India ?

Following explanation of why there are no temples for Brahma appears in a book
named "Hindu Culture, an introduction" by Swami Tejomayananda of Chinmaya Mission.

In Hinduism the various forms of the lord are for meditation. Our minds continuously
and effortlessly entertain thoughts of doing and creating. He have no difficulty 
creating thoughts in our minds; the only problem is that we do not know how to sustain
 and destroy those thoughts very well! For instance, the thoughts "let me buy a car"
or "let me buy a house" arise ver easily, but often we donot have the power to 
maintain that thought long enough to achieve the goal. We don not know how to sustain
a noble thought in our mind when it arises, not on the other hand, do we know how
to destroy ignoble thoughts. In other words, creating thoughts is spontaneous and 
natural to us, but the other two faculties of maintenance and destruction are much
more difficult. 

In addition our thought-creations become difficult to get rid of when necessary. 
Having created so many attachments and entanglements in our lives, we become 
helpless and cannot free ourselves from them. Therefore, we need the inner power
of destruction. This is why we invoke Lord Shiva- to give us the capacity to destroy
all attachments and unwanted thoughts. We also need the grace and blessings of Lord 
Vishnu to sustain our noble thoughts and to make them consistent until we reach our
goal. This is the reason that we need more temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord
Shiva, vut for Lord Brahma one is quite enough. Unquote:

The book I mentioned has many more such details about Hinduism. Please read it 
if you can get a hand on it. 

However in our puranas there in the story Lord Venkateshwara it is sais that 
Brigu Maharshi gave a shapa to Brahma that no one will worship him as Brahma
ignored him when Brigu Maharshi entered the Brahma loka.

Any other explanations?

In article prv@ucunix.san.uc.edu, ydhanju@vax2.cstp.umkc.edu writes:
> I posted this questions on the soc.culture.indian some time ago but so far I have not heard a good reason to the above question. It baffles me that Brahma, who is considered the creator in the hindu religion does not have any temples devoted to him. I was told there are a couple in India and that people in Bali pray to Brahma regularly. Why is Brahma not worshipped in India. Is he an alien god which was incorporated into the religion much later on, when the people were already worshipping either Vishnu or 
> S
> Shiva. The traffic on this group is very less, so I don't know how many will read this , but if you happen to know the historical reason behind this will you post it either on this group or on soc.culture.indian. I will apreciate it.
> R Dhanju

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