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As elaborate as these rituals sound, it would take up no more than few minutes per day!  and you do not need to do every ritual listed! Looking for Hindu Resources? : Check out The Hindu Universe
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Your Day as a Hindu

Daily Pujas and Aarati

Two Minute Daily Puja
Puja is a ritualistic worship.  If you have limited time, and would like to do a Puja everyday, here is a two minute Puja that you can perform everyday

Two Minute Daily Puja
Lighting A Lamp
If you were to have only a few minutes in a day for your spiritual pursuits, then simply light a lamp.  And when you light a lamp, you can say the following shloka given here and say your prayers

Lighting A Lamp
It is a Hindu tradition to end the puja with aarati, or a prayer song.  Here we present audio and text with explanation of one of the most common aarati Om Jaya Jagadessh Hare

Sandhyavandanam or Sandhyopasana is the daily religious practice of the Hindus performed daily for self-purification and self-improvement.

Sandhya is a Nitya Karma or an action that is to be done daily.  It is a prayer and worship offered to the Lord at the junction (Sandhi) of night and morning, forenoon and afternoon and at the junction of evening and night. 


Tulsi Puja
Tulsi is a sacred plant, found in most traditional Hindu homes.  Many Hindus perform Tulsi puja daily.

Tulsi Puja
Your Day As A Hindu
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