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Sri Krishna Janmaashtami
Sri Krishna Janmaashtami
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The Bhagvad Geeta

An important event that is accredited to Srikrishna is the original recititation of the Bhagvad Geeta (Song of the Blessed Lord). The Bhagvad Geeta, we are told, was inspired by Arjuna's ambivalence as to whether he should or should not fight his blood relations (the Kauravas) who were arrayed in the enemy camp at the beginning of the Mahabharata war. Although the occasion for Sri Krishna's recitation of the Bhagvad-Geeta seems to be a casual one, that document contains profound ideas on many issues touching on temporal and non-temporal aspects of life.

The story of Srikrishna's life neatly explains away the reason for his dark complexion. But it is quite possible that Krishna was of non-Aryan origin. The word Krishna itself means dark

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This material taken from Hindu History by Sudheer Birodkar Please visit his site on Hindu History.

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