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These pages are based on the original encoding of Poona Critical Edition of Mahabharata by Prof.  Muneo Tokunaga of Kyoto, Japan, which were modified and corrected by Prof. John Smith for the CSX version. His Mahabharata Page has the details of the project.

Prof John Smith's  CSX version of files and programs were used for creating the Text - DN version
The Postscript - DN version was created using Frans J. Velthuis's Devnag package.
The Devnag version was converted to Avinash Chopade's ITRANS 5.1 encoding using the Jan Labanowski's Translit package and modified version of  dvng2itx.tbl provided by Sorin Suciu.
The ITRANS encoded text was then modified further using SED scripts to remove the TEX commands, handle nasals/anusvaars and words starting with avagraha, resulting in the Text - ITRANS version.
The XDVNG - CSX version is created using ITRANS 5.1 with the #usecsx option, from John's CSX version .
The XDVNG - ITRANS version is created using ITRANS 5.1 from the ITRANS text version.

You will need Sandeep Sibal and Arun Gupta's XDVNG fonts to view the web pages in devanagari script.

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