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Information is provided here on the XDVNG devanagari fonts used for the Ramayana web pages which are available for free download via the internet.


For Microsoft Windows

True Type fonts developed by Arun Gupta. Click here for details. Click here to download the fonts.

To install goto Control Panel --> Fonts --> Install new fonts.

Simply point to the directory you have expanded (unzipped) the downloaded the fonts file in.

For Macintosh

True Type fonts developed by Arun Gupta. Click here for more details.

For UNIX Systems

BDF fonts are available in a package called JTRANS developed by Sandeep Sibal. For information on installing the fonts in your UNIX system,  click here.

You can download a subset of ITRANS 5.21 for use on PCs from ftp://jaguar.cs.utah.edu/sanskrit/incoming/software/. It can be used for creating HTML pages in devanagari and many other Indian fonts. Please download the webitrans.zip and readme.txt files.

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