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I know Lord Venkiteswara, the diety of TTD,Thiruppathi is BALAJI. 

Could somebody tell me, who is this BALAJI, which avatar of VISHNU ?
Is BALAJI and ` VAMANA' are the same ?
What is the ` mood' of the diety there?. BY mood I mean,
the mental state of the Lord when the PRATISHTA was done. 
For example if you study some of the Krishna temple histories, the Lord is
considered to be in the mood of `Paartha Saarathi' or `Deena Bandhu' etc.
I believe the mood of any diety in a temple is the form or mood
which appears in the mind of the TANTRIK(any body who
do the PRATISHTA), after deep meditation and prayers.

Any history of Lord Vekiteswara/Temple, the daily and 
particular rituals on occasions are welcome.




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