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Re: Does Shiva also have avatars?

Roy Raja (rajaroy@ecf.toronto.edu) wrote:

:    Recently I was told by a Sai Baba devotee that Sai Baba is an avatar
:  of Lord Shiva, but I have not read anywhere that Shiva also has avatars.
:  Similarly, Baabaa Balaknath is also supposed to be avatar of Shiva. Any
:  body knows about Balaknath? The same devotee told me that he was a Gana
:  of Shiva in his previous life. Any comments!

:  Raja
: -- 

Well, I have not heard about Sai Baba. But Hanumanji was supposed to 
be an avataar of Shiva. So was Shankar_acharya (I think). 

Nachiketa Tiwari

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