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Re: Power of the Mantra

>Is a mantra only the words ? Surely the word, the thought and the action 
>when going about his daily chores had only Narayana in mind ?  It is rather 
>childish to think that uttering a few hurried words every now and then alone 
>constitute a "mantra".

Kabir said "

mala fire haath me , jaban fire mukhmahi ,
aaankh chaudis fire , ye to samaran nahi

The mala is moving in your fingers , your toungue ismoving in your mouth
,your eyes are looking everywhere , this definitely is not meant to be
chanting of the mantra.

Kabir also says

Ram Ram Sab Koi kahe , Dashra kahe na Koi ,
ek bar Dashrat kahe , Koti yagya phal hoi !!

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