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svabhAva... what is it?

Dear Friends:

svabhAva in colloquial is not the svabhAva that is described in the 
Srimad Bhagavad Gita.  In the SBG, God described svabhAva as adhyAtma (8.3). 
adhyAtma is imperceptible by our senses. svabhAva in the SBG refers to an 
implantation of Divine plan in us, from which we develop our speciality.  
The 7th chapter describes the svabhAva in more detail.

He says that He is the eternal seed in all creation (7.10), that is 
manifest as power in the powerful, intelligence in the intelligent etc.  
This eternal seed is the svabhAva of the Gita. Thus svabhAva is our 
imperceptible inner nature, the outward expression of which has been 
described collectively as 'bhAvAH' (7.12,13). The bhAvaH are what comes 
out as the product of the composite of the three guNas and svabhAva. Only 
the Asuric people think that they are the Lord of their svabhAva and they 
pursue ahaMkAra appeasement in all they do, but in reality, their bhAvaH 
are dependent on the Divine Idea called svabhAva but they do not see it 
because of the mAyA of the three guNas (7.13).  Thus He says that bhAvAH 
are not centered on God (7.12), but on ahaMkAra.

These bhAvaH of the SBG are mistakenly described as svabhAva in 
colloquial use

With best regards,


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