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Re: prakR^iti and karma

Dhruba Chakravarti (dchakrav@netserv.unmc.edu) wrote:

: First, people are not born with any God-given svabhAva, inferior or 
: superior.  God said that He does not create karmafala.  svabhAva is the 
: result of what we choose to be, a culmination of choices and circustances 
: around us.

Dear Friends:

As I read this post back, I found that the issue of the relationship of 
svabhAva and birth remains not discussed. In the earlier post, I meant 
bhAva for svabhAva.  Henceforth, I will maintain the distinction.

Jiva cultivates the mind and the five senses in life (SBG 15.7), 
and in death, takes away the essence of these (i.e., indriyArtha), like air 
carries aroma (15.8).  The Divine idea (svabhAva) is ever-present, 
and does not die with the death of a person (SBG 8.20).  It is upto us to 
conform to svabhAva, by making choices.  We could make daivI choices or 
we could make Asuric choices, but both will be the reflection of how we 
use the svabhAva.  The use of our free will results in the manifestation 
of svabhAva, shaping our personality or bhAva.  Thus God says that among 
his vibhutis, He is manifest as the cheating by the diplomat and the 
honesty of the sattva-guNi (SBG 10.4-5,36).  

SBG verses 8.5-6, describe another aspect of bhAva. The shaping of the bhAva 
happens in mortal life.  Thus, beyond the final moments of life, bhAva 
becomes like a borken record, to be played and replayed in non-carnal 
existence of the soul.  It could make the departed soul enact the 
unfulfilled indriyArtha over and over.  God said therefore, one should 
develop daivI-bhava, which would without doubt, enable a soul to recieve 
God's idea or svabhAva in death (sa madbhAvaM yati nAstratya saMshayaH, SBG 
8.5).  Of course, that is not the only way to know God.

With best regards,


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