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Re: Rigveda

In article <4pqujg$5f8@babbage.ece.uc.edu>,
Pradip Sagdeo <LYMU76A@prodigy.com> wrote:
>An excellent idea.  Thank you very much.  I totally agree with you about 
>the language losing the nuances through translation.  I would prefer to 
>get Hindi or Marathi, and would certainly like to read English commentary,
> to compare.
>Thanks again.
>Pradip Sagdeo

 If you want to read a good English translation of some selections from
  the Rg Veda, try the book titled, "The Heart of the Rg Veda", by 
  Mahuli Gopalacharya. The author is from the Maadhva (dvaita) 
  sampradaaya. In his book he shows how shallow the interpretations
  of certain well known Western scholars are, compared to the highly
  symbolic interpretations he provides. I prefer his interpretations
  over those of the Western scholars, especially on important suktas
  such as the Vishnu sukta and the Pavamana sukta.

  I read this book a long time ago in IIT Bombay. I am not sure if
  it is avaliable here.

  The ideal choice would be a good translation of SaayaNaacharya's
  commentary on the Rg Veda, but I doubt whether such a work has been
  ever undertaken by any scholar, western or Indian.If there is such
  a translation, I would be surprised. I sure would like to know about
  it if someone has seen such a translation. 


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