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Re: Christian hate literature on Hinduism

Hi Dhruba

: The truth is, the various theologies are already included in Hinduism, we 
: do not need to go out to assimilate any.

: In short, the apparent 'freedom' for the Hindu is his/her chance to enjoy 
: the Divine lilA, and rejoice in His various vibhutis.  

I certainly agree with what you have written. Although I have read a 
lot of Hindu literature, i cannot claim to have read it all; and so 
whenever I see something to be learnt from any other religions, I don't 
have to think twice before accepting it. Of course, the same stuff might
have been already addressed to before, but being unaware of it, seems 
new to me. 

Another facet to this discussion is if I don't follow something that
I should be doing, for example, if I don't go to a temple every day / 
week, am I not a hindu ? I'm asking this 'cause I know some friends
(of some other religions) who consider it blasphemy to even think of
not going to their place of worship every week. As an international 
student without a car, you know how difficult going to a temple every 
week can be. So I had to ADAPT to this. This doesn't make me less of 
a Hindu than any of my other hindu-friends, does it ? 


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