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1996 Vivekananda Family Camp

1996 Vivekananda Annual Family Camp

Tolland, Massachusetts

August 18-24 1996

(For details, please see our Web page at:

The VHP Family Camp is a camp designed for the whole family 
to learn about Hinduism, India, and the Indian culture and 
at the same time have lots and lots of fun. Being a family camp, 
the participation of at least one parent is essential and urged. 
This year's camp, like the previous years' camps, will provide a
variety of activities including:

Canoeing and swimming
Dance and Music Workshop
Debates and Discussion
Field Trip
Fun & Games
Garba and Dandia Raas
Talent Shows
Traditional Indian sports like "Kho"
Vegetarian Food
Volley Ball
Yoga and Meditation

Enrollment is limited. Register early to avoid disappointment. 
Please contact any one of the following for information:

Vinod Srivastava (609) 795-8933
Jayesh Mehta (609) 751-2132
Subhash Mittal (908) 671-1136

Subhash Mittal

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