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Re: Christian hate literature on Hinduism

Greetings all,
: >During his duties as a priest in the temple of Kali, Ramakrishna went insane:
: >kali was waiting for him.  Hardly had he crossed the threshold than 
: >divine delirium in its most violent form was rekindled.....The legion of 
: >Gods swooped upon him like a whirlwind. He was torn into pieces....His 
: >madness returned tenfold. He saw demonic creatures emerging from 
: >him...Horror paralyzed his limbs...Two years went by in this orgy of 
: >mental intoxication and despair.
: >mention the guru's own experiences, it is impossible to classify such
: >experiences of possession as divine or spiritual.  They are clearly 
: >demonic.  All the data suggest possession by an evil spirit.
: 	   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
OK, the writer acknowledges that the legions of gods were waiting for 
him.  The also acknowledges that "it is impossible to classify such 
experiences of possession (sic) as divine or spiritul."  Yet, the claim 
that is pocession by a spirit, which cannot be considered spiritual.  Was it 
gods or evil spirits waiting for Ramakrishna?

Further, what do you call good and what do you call evil?  Generally, 
what is beneficial towards _a_segment_ of humanity is reguarded as good 
and what is harmful towards that same segment is evil.
	The Christian Crusaders who invaded Palestine and the Moghuls who 
invaded India were doing good, because they were fighting for God and 
converting the heathen.  Yet, from the point of the Palestinians and 
Indian, they were evil, because they were taking over their land and 
destroying their heritage and culture.

What is good and what is evil?  There are numerous holy men in every 
tradition who become pocessed by the spirit of God and do or say 
something.  There are also numerous people in every tradition who become 
pocessed by demons.  What's the difference between a deva and an asura?  
Between a human and a rakshasa?

Ma Kali, and all other deities of death, is greeted with suspicion by 
Westerners because death is defined as evil.  Yet, this western belief is 
against the Vedas, Puranas, and Epic.  Well, therefore, Sanatana Dharma 
must be an evil relgion.  Or at least primitive, heathen, and animistic.  
Yet, Western culture somehow respect the Bhagvad-Gita.

I'm starting to ramble, bye.



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