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Re: Ancient Stories & Wisdom - Talks in Maryland

Ankush Agarwal wrote:

>  Why are Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva blue in color?
>  What is the meaning behind the Sudarshan chakra, conch, lotus flower and
> mace which Lord Vishnu is holding in four hands.
>  What is the significance behind Radha being older than Krishna?
>  Why does Lord Ganesha have a missing tusk and a mouse as a friend?
>  Why does Goddess Lakshmi sit on the flower floating on water whereas
> Goddess Saraswati sits on a stone holding a veena?
> Many questions arise and when you listen to these answers they are so
> amazing, so deep, so beautiful.

Great job! Any chance of getting answers on the net ? I wouild love to
read answers..


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