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Re: Hindu Universalists

Murali Manohar Karamchedu <murali@leadingconcept.com> wrote:
>>How can *YOU* be looking for something and say 'whatever that means to
them'?There is a terrible logical inconsistency....Universal salvation
could mean 'The coming of the Great White Handkerchief' for the people of
planet Vogon.Please be more specific..as; in relation to the Christian
concept of deliverance ,or anything; or else it becomes too terribly

Many people have different concepts of "God".  Does that mean that they
can't have a discussion about "God" simply because they have different
definitions.  I would think they could at least discuss their concepts of
Universalism, where they are derived, and what their belief system calls
them to do.
"Some drink deeply from the river of knowledge.  Others only gargle." -
Author Unknown

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