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Re: Ancient Stories & Wisdom - Talks in Maryland


I feel like titling this post "Hindu Secrets Revealed".

: >  Why are Lord Vishnu, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva blue in color?
The blue color signifies eternity; where/when the gods exist and how their 
power is limited.  Its also symbolic of divinity.  Many of the darker 
Indians are also said to have a skin so dark it was blue.

: >  What is the meaning behind the Sudarshan chakra, conch, lotus flower and
: > mace which Lord Vishnu is holding in four hands.
There's not enought space for just this question.  It may have to be a 
separate post.  

: >  What is the significance behind Radha being older than Krishna?
I didn't realize this and never worried about it.  Maybe Lord Krishna likes 
older women? <smirk>

: >  Why does Lord Ganesha have a missing tusk and a mouse as a friend?
The missing / broken tush show disattachment to this world and greater 
attachment to the spiritual world.  A mouse as a friend shows he's not 
afraid of a mouse.  Being representative of "wisdom" and "the overcomer of 
obsticles" this is important.

: >  Why does Goddess Lakshmi sit on the flower floating on water whereas
The lotus is symbolic of Hindu spiritualism.  Although it grows only 
immersed in water, if picked, the stem inself is dry, not wet.  This 
shows disattachment from this world.

: > Goddess Saraswati sits on a stone holding a veena?
This isn't my experience; I've only seen Lakshmi in/on a red lotus and a 
Sarasvati in/on a white lotus.  The two a Sarasvati's hands playing the 
veena are symbolic of her activity in this world while the other two are 
symbolic of her activity in the spiritual world; similar to Ganesha's tusks.

Not being sarcasic, but it may be worth while for you to get a book on 
basic Hinduism or Hindu symbolism.



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