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Re: Rigveda

Greetings all and Pradip,

: In my search of literature on our religion, I quickly learned to 
: essentially ignore the western scholar's interpretation and commentaries, 
: or at least take them with a pound of salt! In the book "Dancing with 
: Siva", Satguru Sivaya Subramaniyamswamiji has produced a letter of a very 
: famous german sanskrit scholar whose primary aim was to devalue the hindu 
: contributions to the development of religious philosophy.  

A few years ago I wanted the expand my historical and cultural 
knowledge.  The history we had been taught in school said there was the 
Roman Empire, and then the middle ages, and then the Renaissance; oh yes, 
and the Mongols stopped by for a visit.  Feeling this was inadequate, I 
started researching the histories of other parts of the world, 
emphasizing India and China.

Generally, the books can be put into two groups: those by British (and 
other Western) authors, and those by native authors.  While *neither* was 
entirely objective, by reading both I think I was able to put together 
the pieces to form a more objective history.



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