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Re: Christian hate literature on Hinduism

GERALD J. LA CORTE (l23@hopi.dtcc.edu) wrote:

: Further, what do you call good and what do you call evil?  Generally, 
: what is beneficial towards _a_segment_ of humanity is reguarded as good 
: and what is harmful towards that same segment is evil.
: 	The Christian Crusaders who invaded Palestine and the Moghuls who 
: invaded India were doing good, because they were fighting for God and 
: converting the heathen.  Yet, from the point of the Palestinians and 
: Indian, they were evil, because they were taking over their land and 
: destroying their heritage and culture.

: What is good and what is evil?  There are numerous holy men in every 
: tradition who become pocessed by the spirit of God and do or say 
: something.  There are also numerous people in every tradition who become 
: pocessed by demons.  What's the difference between a deva and an asura?  
: Between a human and a rakshasa?

Dear Sri Jay:

Thank you for your posts.  

Good or evil is partly a moral determination, but the minimum 
requirement for the person who would make the determination, that is,
whether an action is right or wrong is, the person has to be a sattva-guNI.

I would rephrase your examples as, the people who invaded...were they 
sattva guNI? YudhishhThira said 'ashvatthamA died, the elephant..that is' 
in the battle field of kurukshetra.  He was primarily a sattva-guNI.  He 
determined that the greater good was in such a statement.

In my limited familiarity of these invasions you mentioned, I do not 
remember having read about such people as YudhishhThira among them.

With best regards,


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