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All-seeing eye (possible repost)

While browsing through the amulet/pendant collection at the
local Whole Earth Provision Co, I found an amulet shaped like
a hand with an eye etched in the palm. The accompanying blurb read

"This universal symbol, called Humsa by the Hindus is a powerful
protection amulet in Asia and is often called the All-Seeing Eye of
Mercy. In Tibet it is used for banishing fear and oppression. This same
symbol was also used by Native Americans. In the Middle East it was
called the All -Seeing Eye of God and the Eye of Maat, and was thought
of as a great protector".

Does anyone have more information on this? Did this symbol originate
independently in all of these cultures? I'd much appreciate pointers
to references.

thanks, Ramki

L Ramki Ramakrishnan

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