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The House of Lord


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    And not only the Lord has a name and a form, but He
also has an abode.

   This may sound like a very backward idea for a mind
who is not in tune with the reality, but one does not
have to read any other scripture except the Gita to find
His address.

   In verses 8.21, 10.12, 11.38, and 15.06 the abode of
the Supreme Lord is mentioned as Param-Dhaam, the
Supreme Abode.

   One may wonder at the wisdom of confining the
unconfineable and omnipresent Lord to a special place of
His own.

   To find the answer one has to carefully study Chapter
13 of the Gita where Lord said (in verse 13.15) that He
is very near (residing in one's heart) as well as far
away (in Param-Dhaam located in Paramaakaash).

   All serious students of the Gita are urged to
contemplate on the meaning of this verse and by His
grace the Truth will become more and more clear.

  Jai Murlimanohar Ki!

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