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vishhNu suuktam (was Re: Rig Veda)

shrao@nyx.net (Shrisha Rao) wrote:

>I guess you mean the Purusha Suukta and the BaLitthaa Suukta,
>respectively; I have never heard of a Vishnu Suukta or a Pavamaana
>Suukta.  But his explanation of the BaLitthaa Suukta follows Madhva's
>rather than SaayaNa's.


There certainly is a vishhNu suukta. I was taught it, but I belong to the
kR^ishhNa yajur veda. However, I was given to understand that this is present
in the R^ig veda also. I think either my guru told me this or I read it
somewhere, I may be mistaken about this last fact though. The suukta starts 

vishNornukam viiryaaNi .....| 

tadasya priyamabhipaato asyaam|
etc etc.

The first line is part of a long stanza which is recited at the end of the
naaraayaNa suuktam (atleast in the smaarta kR^ishhNa yajur veda tradition).

This is traditionally recited during the abhishekam during the pajnchaayatana
puuja of smaartas. The mantras recited during the abhishekam are rudram,
chamakam, purushha suuktam, naarayaNa suuktam, vishhNu suuktam, durgaa suuktam,
shrii suuktam, bhuu suuktam, niiLaa suuktam and the shaanti pajnchakam, usually
in that order.

I also read the posts of Anand and Vijay. The last line quoted by Vijay is not
read by us. The vishhNu suuktam told by us is also not "complex" and is also
quite short. (atleast the one I was taught :-))

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