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Re: Power of the Mantra

Jochen Bink (binkj000@goofy.zdv.uni-mainz.de) wrote:
: santhosh@iss.nus.sg (Santhosh Kumar) wrote:
: >It is ridiculous to blame the western thoughts for every damn
: >thing happening in India. In fact, but for the western developement
: >and opening its own eyes to have economic development, India
: >would still have remained as a country of beggars.
: I suggest that without Western ideas of colonialism, capitalism and
: socialism India would not have developed into a country of beggars, if
: that's what you claim it was at some time.
: Now it seems as if Western societies are thirsting for spiritual
: enlightenment, and age-old Oriental practices are rising again.

Dear Jochen,

   I am sorry about the confusion caused, I did not really 
mean in the extreme sense. My intention was only to convey
the futility of criticising the western form of development,
the philosophy without material development is equally
worthless. Atleast, we could choose if we have both.



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