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Re: India: A Country of Beggars

> What kind of literacy are u talking about, do u know wher the modern
> numeral system originated, do u know how many languages are there in
> india, each one with its own alphabet. All of what the modern sciences are
> proving were known thousanda of years ago were told us by the great sages.
> Indus valley  civilization, have u heard of it? It is one of the oldest
> civilizations in the world if not the oldest. Sanskrit and Tamil are one
> of the oldest languages in the world if not the oldest. Do u know anything
> about Indian philosophies? India is got one of the richest cultures in
> the world. Why is hinduism known as the mother of all religions? I dont
> have enough time. I cant believe I'm responding to such ignorant
> statements.

I'm not referring to the numbering system or the quantity of languages or 
the sciences or anything in particular, except one.  I readily admit 
India has one of the richest cultures, philosophies, and religions in the 
world.  The one thing I was referring to was the ability of the common 
person to read.

Having the world reknown liturature, and fantastic scientists, and great 
leaders is great.  Having deep philosophies and the foundation of 
religion is great.  But what is the use of having these things if an 
ordinary can't read and study about them?

The elite will always enable themselve the read, study, and learn math - 
how about common people.  Which is better having one-hundred scientists 
or having one-thousand?  I am much more imperialist than most people and 
still realize the value of public literacy and the common person being 
read and think.



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