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│Being Hindu in Modern Times▓

        The May issue of HIMAL South Asia features articles on the
contradictions that confront Hindus today. Juxtaposing the magnificent
philosophical content of a religion co-existent with "dilapidated social
features which pre-ordain sub-human third class status to a large portion 
of its adherents", HSA calls for a "Second Hindu Renaissance", 
one that involves the cumulative expression of outrage 
by tens of thousands of individual modern Hindus.

Full text of some articles available on-line at:

Challenged by the Future,Shackled by the Past
        by Dipak Gyawali
(Cover Feature)

Growth Is Slow When Roots Are Deep
        by V.R.N. Prasad
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, philosopher and second President
of India, had striven to provide the intellectual basis for a
Hindu renaissance, but his writings are neglected today.

How Hindu is the Other Hindu-Stan?
        by Sudhindra Sharma
The Hindu Kingdom of Nepal, despite the religious signifier,
actually has very little'Hinduism' in its state structure
even though the king is Hindu.

The Middle Class Roots of Hindutva
         by Sanjay Joshi
The rise of political and cultural Hindu
assertiveness in India is connected more with notions
of pride than any form of religiosity.

Mahmud's Bitter Legacy
        by Mohammad Habib
 The Hindu-Muslim schism, also reflected in the
India-Pakistan enmity, is the most crippling of all
South Asian maladies. In order to understand this
problem, its origins, and ramifications, with this
issue, Himal begins an occasional column, 
"Hindu and Muslim".

Plus, articles on:
JVP militancy in southern Sri Lanka (Sasanka Perera)
HIV and Poverty (Naila Sattar)
Nepali Film (Ramyata Limbu)
Embezzlement in Bihar (Ramesh Upadhayay)
Tibet Ignored by South Asian Intellectuals (Tsering Wangyal)
Bias in Foreign Scholarship ( Dilli R. Dahal)
Asma Jahangir: Pakistani Human Rights Activist (Fawad Usman Khan).

And HIMAL South Asia╣s usual range of commentary, newsbriefs and regular
columns: Mediafile, Book Reviews, Saarconomy; Young South Asian. 

HIMAL South Asia on-line:

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