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Re: Rigveda

Greetings Pradip,

: Are there any recent books with original sanskrit verses of the Rigveda, 
: with translations and commentaries in either English, Marathi or Hindi?   
: I am seeking a high quality publication essentially free of errors and of 
: lasting material value? 

I know the Ramakrishna - Vivekananda Vedanta Society has access to two or 
three traslations of the Rig Veda (in English) and at least one 
translation of all four of the Vedas.  The main center is located in 
Chicago under the name the Vedanta Society.

I don't know if the translation is parallel to the original 
text - I think they have one, although the cost is well worth the 
investment that it is.  As far as finding something in your mother tongue 
(except Hindi), your better off looking in India.

The University of Chicago started a translation program about fifteen or 
twenty years ago.  I don't know the status of it.  It may have halted 
with the passing of the lead professor, although I think his students and 
associate professor were go to continue translating the Mahabharta which 
they had started on.



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