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Re: Christian hate literature on Hinduism

dchakrav@netserv.unmc.edu (Dhruba Chakravarti) wrote:
>Atmanah (atmanah@aol.com) wrote:

>When I read such statements as I quote under here, it seems to me that it 
>is time to hiss.
>>From "The facts on Hinduism" by John Ankerberg and John Weldon, Harvest 
>House Publishers, Eugene, OR. page 35.
>During his duties as a priest in the temple of Kali, Ramakrishna went insane:
>kali was waiting for him.  Hardly had he crossed the threshold than 
>divine delirium in its most violent form was rekindled.....The legion of 
>Gods swooped upon him like a whirlwind. He was torn into pieces....His 
>madness returned tenfold. He saw demonic creatures emerging from 
>him...Horror paralyzed his limbs...Two years went by in this orgy of 
>mental intoxication and despair.
>Ref:  Romain Rolland.  The life of Ramakrishna (Calcutta, India: Advaita 
>Ashrama, translation from the original french by E.F. Malcom-Smith, 1979) 

>The commentary that accompanies this quote is:

Dear Friends:

	Sri Ramakrishna himself addressing this critique of intense
God-Love replied: "My friends, the whole world is a lunatic asylum.
Some are mad after worldly love, some after name, some after fame,
some after money, some after salvation and going to heaven. In this
big lunatic asylum, I am also mad - I am mad after God. If you are
mad after money, I am mad after God. You are mad; so am I. I think
my madness is after all the best."

>Nonetheless, in the light of the historic and biblical demonology, not to 
>mention the guru's own experiences, it is impossible to classify such
>experiences of possession as divine or spiritual.  They are clearly 
>demonic.  All the data suggest possession by an evil spirit.

I find this conclusion pretty funny, not so much about the conclusion
itself, but for the manner in which it was arrived at.

>With best regards,

Girija Shankar.

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