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Re: Christian hate literature on Hinduism

: The problem with Christianity is that it is an exclusive religion.  I am 
: a former Christian activist and extremist.  The Bible itself says that 
: the Christian cannot follow Christianity and another faith.  It further 
: says that Christians should attempt to persuade non-Christians to 

I agree with what you say, but I have know many (Americans families) 
who have always taken part in all my hindu festivals, (and so have I in
their festivals) , and have never even made me feel different. But I have
met some christian Indians who have refused to come to my house, only
because it was Diwali !! (This is real, no joke) 

All my life, this is how I have interpreted Hinduism as. Unlike other
religions, where you are considered to be going against your faith if
you do not follow the rules set down, Hinduism gives you the freedom to
change yourself according to the situation. An act cannot be considered
right or wrong by itself, it can be right if it is your duty to do it !!

Similarly, Hinduism does not tell you to hate the other person only
because he is not a hindu, neitehr does it tell you to try to "save"
him/her by changing his faith. 

I came from India to the US a year back, and all these years, in India, 
I never realized how lucky I was to have been raised in a religion / 
culture which did not force any thing upon you. No one ever called me 
a non-hindu just because i missed going to the temple, or because I 
did not say my prayers everyday !!

Won't it be wonderful if every religion gave its followers the freedom 
to explore other religions, resepect them and assimilate them !!!

OR am i just being too optimistic ?

-- Abhijeet A. Chachad

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