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Re: Rigveda

Try the Vedanta Center of Ramakrishna mission. If one is not in your area
try calling the Chicago center. In Los Angeles where I stay, the Vedanta
Center has Rg , Yajur, and some Sama Veda texts (original Sanskrit text
with transliteration, commentary for some of them). I have a copy of the
Yajur veda text which is quite good (I am not sure about the completeness
though. A Vedic scholar may have to be consulted for verifying that).

There is also a new text called 'Mantra Pushpam' which contains only
Sanskrit text of all commonly used Vedic mantras and hymns, like 
Mantra Pushpam, Rudram , Chamakam, various stotras on Gods, Goddesses,
and of course in the end, some slokas on Ramakrishna and Sarada Devi.
But it is an excellent reference to have.

Hope that helps a little.


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