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Re: SRF group

I posted a reply a day or two ago, Jeff. Did you see it? I'm not sure why
this didn't come thru? I basically said I'm familiar with SRF and Donald
Walters. Have really enjoyed his autobio. _The Path_. Do u have Ananda's
web site? Thanks, Craig, San Diego, CA

In article <ghenDsL6LH.CpH@netcom.com>, Jeff Coon <jeffco@traverse.com> wrote:

> I saw your message wondering if there was a usenet group for SRF. I don't
> think so although I don't have access to the alt.* groups. I don't think
> that the SRF is very far along in there computer outreach.<s> They do have
> the beginnings of a web site though.
> Are you involved with the SRF? The reason I ask is that as I have
> investigated various spiritual paths I was led to "Autobiography of a Yogi"
> which I loved and am very interested in the teachings of Yogananda. The
> Ananda church as a great web site. Are you familiar with them? Founded by
> Walters a disciple of Yogananda.
> Jeff Coon
> Traverse City, MI
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