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Re: ARTICLE : Parrikar commentary

Posted By Michael Tandy (mpt0002@jove.acs.unt.edu)
11 Jan 1997 01:03:37 GMT

In article <5b5v88$ist$1@news.ececs.uc.edu>, parrikar@spot.Colorado.EDU
>mpt0002@jove.acs.unt.edu (Michael Tandy) writes:
>>In article <ghenE3LwHz.F3v@netcom.com>, kenrickm@worldnet.att.net says...
>>>Can anyone tell me if there are any Bhagavad gita English commentaries
>>>other than by Swami Prabhupada ?
>> Frankly, I have found that, almost without exception, other Gita
>> commentaries introduce ideas that are dubiously supported by or
>> explicitly rejected by the text of Gita itself. It's therefore hard
>> for me to recommend these commentaries as authoritative or
>> authentic. I just thought I'd mention it.
>I also just thought I'd mention that this sounds very similar
>to the standard ISKCON blather I've often encountered.
>Hari bol,
Thank you, Rajan. Would you like to add some substantial
response to what I posted? I would like you to tell us
what you feel you've learned about Gaudiya Vaisnavism in
three years, and specifically define "ISKCON blather" and
explain whatever objection if any you have to it. But
perhaps you would prefer keep your mouth full of prasada
instead. That may very well be the best use of your tongue.
You might want to consider that that is why your friends
give it to you.

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