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REQUEST : Vedic Philosophy

Posted By KLauze (klauze@aol.com)
7 Jan 1997 16:15:48 GMT

I previously considered myself a Buddhist. Despite the fact that there was
much about Buddhism that did not suit me, it was a religion that best fit
my views. Then I began to read about Vedic religion. Vedic religion
seems a much better fit for me. However, I am somewhat overwhelmed by all
the various works regarding the Vedas. Is there an introductory book on
Veda that reviews the Vedic literature (the Bagavadgita, Upanishads,
etc.), the phylosophy, and how to practically incorporate the Veda into
one's life that a neophyte could understand? If anyone knows of such a
book, please e-mail me at KLauze@aol.com. Thankyou.

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