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Re: REQUEST : Conversion

Posted By Vivek Sadananda Pai (vivek@cs.rice.edu)
12 Jan 1997 21:03:24 GMT

In article <ghenE3toy3.3un@netcom.com>, TEJMANI <tejmani@aol.com> wrote:
>Why are the Christian Missionaries seeking to convert the Hindus of

Is there some detail that's not present in the question? It seems too
simple as it's currently stated.

The simple answer is: that's what Christian Missionaries do - convert
people they consider "heathens". No matter where they are, they do the
same thing - try to convert people to Christianity. The "why" behind
it varies by group to group, but can generally be summed up as "the
missionaries are trying to save their souls" or something to that

My general feeling on the matter of missionary work is this - if the
missionaries use ethical practices and stick to religious issues, then
what's the harm? Like it or not, religion has become something of a
competitive marketplace these days, and trying to quash groups by fiat
just doesn't work.


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