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ARTICLE : SV: About Bhagavad Gita

Posted By Bengt Gustavsson (ben-imme@algonet.se)
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 18:22:30 +0100

I like to recomend two books I bought in Banyen bookshop
in Vancouver Canada. The first is=94 Bhagavad Gita=94 with comentary of
Sri Sankaracarya.The second one is=94 The Gita as it was=94,and the autho=
r is=20
Phulgenda Sinha.


> Fr=E5n: Bengt Gustavsson <ben-imme@algonet.se>
> Till: ghen@netcom.com
> =C4mne: About Bhagavad Gita
> Datum: den 13 januari 1997 18:13

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