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REQUEST : Ahitanaman: please identify

Posted By MARK ADKINS (emerald@aztec.asu.edu)
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 13:22:03 +0000 (GMT)

Does the word "Ahitanaman" have any significance in classical Hindu
mysticism or mythology? I believe it identifies a god, avatar, or
demon, but it may also identify a mystical state, ritual, or something
of that nature.

Also, there is a sculpture that may be Ahitanaman, or it may be
some other figure. In any case, please identify this for me. It
appears to have 20 arms, each of which (except for the two largest?)
is holding something (which I cannot identify from the limited detail
in the photograph). It has a bull's head, with two long horns (one
issuing from each side of the head and pointing upward. It seems
to be wearing a crown of many tiny heads or faces, as well as two
slightly larger heads which depend from each ear as though earings.
It appears to have a third eye, or something like an eye on the
middle of the forehead. It appears to have a chain of little objects,
which may be heads, dangling in an arc between its legs (attached at
each end to a hip).

Your assistance and expertise is much appreciated. Please send a
copy of your public reply to my email address if possible. Also,
if you think this query might be more appropriately directed to
another newsgroup, I am open to suggestions.

Mark Adkins (emerald@aztec.asu.edu)

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