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Posted By Anil Londhe (itechsom@voicenet.com)
14 Jan 1997 16:41:17 GMT


According to the Forbes magazine (July,1987), "Sanskrit is the most
convenient language for somputer software programming".
Sanskrit (means "cultured"), is the classsical language of Hinduism. It is
the oldest and the most systematic language in the world. It is vast and
In the words of Juan Mascaro, who has paid tribute to the glory of the
Sanskrit literature:
"Sanskrit literature is a great literature. We have the great songs of the
Vedas, the splendor of the Upanishds, the glory of the Bhagvat-Gita, the
vastness(100,000 verses) of the Mahabaharat, the tenderness and the
herosim found in the Ramayana, the wisdom of the fables and stories of
India, the scientific philosophy of Sankhya, the psychological philosophy
of Vedanta, the Laws of Manu, the grammar of Panini and other scientific
writings, the lyrical poetry, and dramas of Kalidas. Sanskrit literature,
on the whole, is a romantic interwoven with idealism and practical wisdom,
and with a passionate longing for spiritual vision."
Panini's Sanskrit grammar, produced in about 300 BCE, is the shortest and
fullest grammar in the world. According to Sir Monier-Williams,
(Englishman, Sanskrit scholar 1819-1899):

"The Panini grammar reflects the wondrous capacity of the hyman brain
which till today no other country has been able to produce except India".

(Source: The Hindu Mind. Fundamentals of Hindu Religion and Philosophy for
all Ages. By Bansi Pandit. 1996)


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