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Re: REQUEST: Looking for stories/myths that involve winged horses

Posted By Kishore Krshna (kishore@mail.utexas.edu)
17 Jan 1997 04:19:02 GMT

In article <ghenE43G5G.4EJ@netcom.com>, pp003060@mindspring.com says...
>I have been looking for stories/myths and art that involving winged
>horses. In the region of Northern India, Pakisan, Afghanistan. I am
>working on a research project tracing the spread of winged horse

This is interesting, because I can't recall of a single winged horse story
- I can think of a number of flying horse stories but none of them
say anything about whether the flying was achieved via wings. For
instance, Indra's horse uchchaishravas?, the horse on which the Kalki
avatar is usually depicted, the flying horse stories in the Katha_sarit_
saagaraa and so on. The illustrations show the horses without wings.

Kishore Krshna
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