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REQUEST : Gurudwara and Mandir sharing land and building.

Posted By DEEPAK AWASTI (d_awast@alcor.concordia.ca)
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 21:40:21 -0500

I would appreciate feedback on the following issue: Is anyone opposed to
a Gurudwara and Mandir sharing facilities?

The context is as follows: A Gurudwara committee is looking for
land to build a Gurudwara. Unfortunately, they are facing many obstacles
from the councils of the municipalities they have targeted. First and
foremost is the question of re-zoning land from commercial to religious
or institutional. Second, the available plots are too small for their

The Mandir committee, however, just recently received approval
for a zoning change from one of the cities being targetted by the
Gurudwara committee. Unfortunately, the Mandir committee does not have
the money to develop the property the have.

A number of people, including myself, have recommended to both
parties that they share the property and develop it jointly. this would
mean constructing one building with two halls: one a Gurudwara and the
other a Mandir. Other facilities, such as parking, dining, kitchen areas,
as well as day-care and classroom facilities would be shared. Such a
joint project would mean that both parties would get what they want- that
is, a Gurudwara and a Mandir- while the community (or communities) would
benefit from the development of a community centre. In fact, with certain
facilties being shared less square footage would be required.

Another option is for the Gurudwara committee to purchase part of
the Mandir property and develop that portion of the land, however, so far
the Mandir committee has refused to sell because it would reduce the size
of the available property. I hope you will respond to my query.

Thanks, Deepak.

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