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Re: ARTICLE : Puraanas

Posted By Shrisha Rao (shrao@nyx.net)
Sat, 18 Jan 1997 09:21:15 GMT

In article <ghenE43G4D.40q@netcom.com>, V. Pai <vspai@nyx10.cs.du.edu> wrote:

>Actually, I have not seen any suffix associated with the person called
>"Lakshmipati", so I am not even sure if he was formally a sannyasi. In
>any case, I don't think it has ever been claimed that Vyaasa Tiirtha
>gave sannyas ordination into an Advaita order, only that he gave
>spiritual initiation of some sort to Lakshmipati and that through the

Let's face it. "Lakshmipati" has no provable existence. Nor does
there exist such a thing as "spiritual initiation of some sort," with
reference to Vyaasa Tiirtha or any other Maadhva saint. Can you give
another example of such "spiritual initiation of some sort"? If not,
your contention would be dismissed as an ad hoc hypothesis.

>>Advaitin to become an Advaitin monk, etc. That sort of thing doesn't
>>happen with anybody, in fact, and if someone had so much as merely
>>received mantropadesha from Vyaasa Tiirtha, they would at least for
>>the purposes of that mantra have to consider Vyaasa Tiirtha's lineage
>>as their own.
>I think the last sentence sufficiently explains, then, why Gaudiya
>Vaishnavas list gurus by mantropadesha and not by sannyas ordination

How commendable. But that, of course, still leaves the claim "This
Bhagavad-gita As It Is is received through this disciplic succession,"
which, as I have pointed out previously, relates to a claim about the
understanding of a *specific* text, as a completely bogus one. The
best that can be done is to say "this mantra was received by me
according to this lineage."

Besides, if the claimed list is one of mantropadesha, then which is
the mantra that Lakshmipati got from Vyaasa Tiirtha, and then gave
down, etc.? It would have to be the case that some mantra which came
through Madhva's line via Vyaasa Tiirtha, came down to Prabhupada.
However, this is certainly not so. Which mantra is it that was so
passed down? If there isn't one, then the claim, as it is an ad hoc
hypothesis (inasmuch as Lakshmipati, and his claimed contact "of some
sort" with Vyaasa Tiirtha, are entirely imaginary), has no standing

In this regard, it is also worth pointing out that the listing of the
four disciples of Madhva one after the other is wrong, as they are all
parallel disciples of Madhva, and for instance, it is improper to
consider Narahari Tiirtha as Jayatiirtha's preceptor. That part of
the list was created by someone who didn't know jack squat about the
Maadhva sampradaaya.


Shrisha Rao

>>Shrisha Rao


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