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Re: ARTICLE : About Bhagavad gita

Posted By Prasad Gokhale (gokhale@interlog.com)
Mon, 27 Jan 97 03:57:19 GMT

"Bengt Gustavsson" <ben_imme@algonet.se> wrote:

> The age and the author of Bhagavad gita

>They are quite sure that the Gita could not be more than 2400
>years old.There are even some authers who argues that the Gita is not more
>than 200 years before common era.It seems to me that the Gita

The Bhagavad Geeta is an integral part of the Mahabharat. This Shri Krishna's
discourse to Partha Arjun was given before the great war began, on the
battle-field of Kurukshetra.

It is now established that the Mahabharar War took place in 3138 B.C., that
is, approximately 5000 years before today. Vedvyasa was a contemporary of Shri
Krishna and is credited for the compilation and authorship of the Mahabharat.

The 200 B.C.E, etc. dates have been brought about by mere speculation, and
there is no evidence (internal to the Mahabharat, or otherwise) which verifies
these dates. The Mahabharat and the Puraan exclusively point to the 3138 B.C
dateline. Ancient mathematicians like Varahamihira and Aryabhatta have also
used the 3138 B.C. timeframe in their computations.

It follows that the Bhagavad Geeta is 5000 years old as well.



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