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Re: ARTICLE : Puraanas (was Re: REQUEST : Sai baba)

Posted By Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian (rbalasub@ecn.purdue.edu)
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 21:37:26 -0500 (EST)

vijaypai@mridangam.rice.edu (Vijay Sadananda Pai) wrote:

> In article <ghenE3LwIH.F8x@netcom.com>, Mani Varadarajan <mani@be.com> wrote:
> >If what I say is correct, and Gaudiyas do not do
> >Veda adhyayanam, sandhyAvanda, etc., it cannot be said
> >that they study the Veda or that they are Vaidikas in
> >the same sense as other traditional scholars in India.
> If sandhyavandana is used as a necessary criterion for
> being said to study the Vedas, then sannyasis of the Maadhva
> (and, I suppose, Shankara) order also "cannot be said
> [to] study the Veda or that they are Vaidikas in
> the same sense as other traditional scholars in India." However,
> this can't be what you were implying, was it?

I am surprised that no one replied to this, if anyone did, I missed it. Anyway,
the sanyAsis of the sha.nkara tradition become sanyAsis only _after_
upanayanam. When they become sanyAsis they throw away their sacred thread,
shave their tuft etc. This shaving of the head, throwing away the sacred thread
etc is give as the code of conduct for paramahamsa sanyAsis in the jAbAla
upanishhad (quote by sha.nkara in his sUtra bhAshhya). So the sanyAsis in our
tradition actually learn the vedas even _before_ they renounce. Eg, the present
pontiff of Sringeri HH bhAratI tIrtha mahAswAmigaL had mastered the veda he
belonged to when he was a brahmachArI itself.



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