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Re: REQUEST : hinduism and rock music

Posted By Michael Tandy (mpt0002@jove.acs.unt.edu)
29 Jan 1997 05:30:49 GMT

In article <ghenE4G8yt.BKq@netcom.com>, rudra@singnet.com.sg says...

Guru Rama, Guru Vishnu, Guru
>> Deva, Hare Shwara, Guru Sasha, Hare Andara, Tashna Shrivi, Guri Nava,

It's been awhile since I heard the song, but I think the words are
wrong. My guess is that the above should have been:

guru brahma guru vishnu
guru deva maheshvara
guru sakshat param brahma
tasmai sri gurave namah

however, I also assume that the singers couldn't pronounce
Sanskrit very well. This is a well known verse attributed to
Hare Krishna,

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