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Re: NEWS : Hindus Atone for Sins at Ritual

Posted By Kanaka Raj (kraj@theswirl.com)
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 04:07:14 -0500

Ajayshah@aol.com wrote:
> Associated Press Writer
> KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- Defying pain, hundreds of Hindus
> pierced themselves Thursday with steel rods, needles and hooks in
> an annual religious ritual of thanksgiving and atonement.
> The festival, known as Thaipusam, was brought from India by
> 19th-century immigrants who came to then British-ruled Malaya as
> laborers and government officials. It is no longer practiced in India.
Not true. It is still practiced in Tamil Nadu, Bharath (India).

--kanaka raj

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