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INFO : Second Edition Dr. Ramananda Prasad's BHAGAVAD-GITA - It's Beautiful!

Posted By Dr. Jai Maharaj (jai@aloha.com)
Fri, 3 Jan 1997 10:03:33 -1000 (HST)


I recently received the much awaited Second Edition
of Dr. Ramananda Prasad's translation of THE
BHAGAVAD-GITA, published by the American Gita
Society and Motilal of Delhi.

On the front cover is a beautiful, full-color
hand-painted picture of Lord Shree Krshn. The
consciousness melts into devotion whenever I glance
at it, the mind dwells on the vital message
contained in it.

The back cover describes this edition: "The
Bhagavad-Gita has the original Sanskrit text with
Roman transliteration, and a lucid English
rendition. Concise and to the point commentaries of
two hundred twenty-seven (227) selected key verses
are provided. One hundred thirty-three (133) verses
are printed in red to enable the first-time readers
to study these verses before delving deep into the
vast ocean of transcendental knowledge. . . ."

One reviewer, Douglas Remington, wrote:

". . . there has been a need for a Gita with
unbiased translations, that can be understood not
only by the educated scholar, but also by any person
with beginning interest in spiritual philosophy.
The American Gita Society now offers a translation,
rendering thought provoking delicacy for the
scholar, and at the same time provides unbiased
commentaries that can be easily understood by the

Interested readers may with to acquire the Second Edition.
Send $11 plus $2 S&H (for addresses in the US) to:

American Gita Society
511 Lowell Place
Fremont, CA 94636-1805

Jai Maharaj
Jyotishi, Vedic Astrologer
Om Shanti

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