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Re: REQUEST : Tulsidas

Posted By N. Tiwari (ntiwari@rs3.esm.vt.edu)
3 Jan 1997 19:55:46 GMT

R (richard@hotmail.com) wrote:
: Pungaliya wrote:

: > I am having some difficulty getting factual information on Tulsidas. I
: > would greatly appriciate it if you were to help me out.

I know a couple of facts about Goswami Tulsidas. One is his about
death. There is a couplet, which alludes to his death. The couplet
goes like this:

samvat solah sau assi
(In the year of 1680 Vikram Era)

asee ganga key teer
(At the confluence of rivers Asee and Ganga)

shraavan shukal saptamee
(in the month of Shravan, on the 7th day in Shukla paksha of Shravan)

tulsi tajyo shareer.
(Tulsidas left his body).

: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/8107/index.html

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: what is availble in the page.

: Thanks.
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Nachiketa Tiwari

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