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Re: NEWS : RSS chief asks Hindus to reunite

Posted By Mani Varadarajan (mani@be.com)
03 Jan 1997 10:42:41 -0800

Amidst some other blather,

ofbjp@netcom.com (News-Info) informs us about what the
head of the RSS said:
> Because of the pile up of nuclear weapons, the 21st century would of
> necessity have to be the century of peace and India was among the few
> nations of the world capable of providing peaceful leadership ...

India, provide peaceful leadership? With the RSS and BJP at
the forefront?!

[blah blah]

> He also attacked the invasion of the West in Indian lifestyle and the
> continued dominance of English over Hindi, which he said was spoken by 400
> million people and understood by 600 million as against English, spoken by
> just 350 million people. ...

What about the invasion of non-Hindi speaking Indian subcultures
by Hindi? Is this not just as evil? We are rapidly seeing the
erosion of illustrious and ancient subcultures because of
political dominance by Hindi. Is this debate merely English vs. Hindi?
Should it not be phrased as imposition vs. anti-imposition?

> He said that RSS was providing vigour and vitality to Indian life. It
> was necessary to revive the past and not to see society in terms of
> castes or other divisions.

Even Hindu vs. non-Hindu?

> He said the Dalits might have been wrongly treated at some point in the
> past for which he would tender his repentance;

Oh, praise be to God!

> but, today they were as
> good as a Brahmin.

In what sense? Economically? Politically? Socially? Are
brahmins killed for taking water out of the wrong well?
Are brahmins killed for looking at a woman of another caste
the wrong way?

> He complimented Dr Ambedkar for becoming a Buddhist
> and not a Muslim or a Christian, thus saving millions of Indians from
> becoming heathens.

A Buddhist is not a heathen, but a Muslim or a Christian is?
Does this make any sense whatsoever?

> He said the Muslims should realize that 1,400 years ago Kashi, Mathura
> and Ayodhya were Hindu cities. They should be handed back to their
> Hindu elder brothers and join hands in taking the country forward.

So, in the RSS's opinion, the Muslims ``own'' Kashi, Mathura
and Ayodhya? If not, what then are they supposed to ``give''

Are all RSS statements so inane?


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