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Re: REQUEST : Sai baba

Posted By Vivek Sadananda Pai (vivek@cs.rice.edu)
3 Jan 1997 16:42:25 GMT

In article <ghenE3EvBC.761@netcom.com>,
Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian <rbalasub@ecn.purdue.edu> wrote:
>Yes, I have been aware of what plagiarize means for a long time, though I knew
>it as plagiarise before I came to the US. However that apart, there is no
>literature of his. But I don't have to, in order to criticize your description
>of his teachings, namely as plagiarism. But as I said, if you can provide the
>quotes I asked, I'll shamelessly eat all my words.

If you already knew the definition of plagiarism, your earlier post
intentionally muddled the issue by drawing in copyright issues, which
nobody had raised in this thread. Your whole mention of copyright
seems like a strawman, and oddly enough, you don't mention it at all
in this rebuttal.

Perhaps you should shamelessly eat those words.


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