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Re: REQUEST : Indian Mythology

Posted By Kishore Krshna (kishore@mail.utexas.edu)
3 Jan 1997 04:43:22 GMT

In article <ghenE3EvB0.72H@netcom.com>, p121281@soho.ios.com says...
>I am a 9th grade student in the United States of America assigned the
>task of obtaining 7-8 myths of Indian origin. I also have to collect
>backround articles on the topic.
> (Coud you help me?) Would you be able to assist me in my project
>by suggesting sources where (Web sites?) the materials I require may
>be obtained?

Try Joseph Campbell's Oriental Mythology or Myths to Live by - I seem to
recall rather vaguely that one or the other contains some references to Hindu
Creation Myths (I'm interpreting "Indian origin" to mean this). I don't
recall the actual Purana that describes Brahma creating the Earth etc.
(Vishnu? Bhagavata? Devi Mahatmyam?). Also, check Wendy O'Flaherty's
The Origins of Evil in Hindu Mythology which is sure to contain references
to this topic. And finally, A.L. Basham's The Origins and Development of
Classical Hinduism - this definitely contains a translation of a Vedic hymn
that skeptically questions whether the Gods themseleves know how Creation
occurred. These books are generally available in any good (University) library.
Being in the 9th grade, you may find Basham or Campbell easier reading.

Kishore Krshna
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