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ARTICLE : Five factors of action

Posted By Michael Tandy (mpt0002@jove.acs.unt.edu)
6 Jan 1997 18:16:16 GMT

These are described in the Gita, 18.14-15:

adhisthanam tatha karta karanam ca prthag-vidham /
vividhas ca prthak cesta daivam caivatra pancamam //

"The locus and the doer, as well as the different types of facilities,
various separate endeavors, and, especially, Divine will--these are the
five factors of action."

sarira-van-manobhir yat karma prabhate narah /
nyayyam va viparitam va pancaite tasya hetavah //

"These five are the cause of whatever act a man performs, with body,
speech, or mind, be it right or wrong."

tatraivam sati kartaram atmanam kevalam tu sah /
pasyaty akrta-buddhitvan na sa pasyati durmatih //

"Therefore, whoever regards himself only as the doer sees according to
his stunted intelligence; that foolish person doesn't see (things as
they are)."


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