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Re: NEWS : RSS chief asks Hindus to reunite

Posted By Rajiv Varma (rvarma@stallion.jsums.edu)
5 Jan 1997 22:28:04 -0600

In article <ghenE3Gqw3.8wG@netcom.com>, Mani Varadarajan <mani@be.com> wrote:
>> but, today they were as
>> good as a Brahmin.
>Are brahmins killed for taking water out of the wrong well?

How about Brahmins being tortured and killed in Maharashtra after
Gandhiji's murder?

In my good friend's dictionary, perhaps killing brahmins is okay.

>Are brahmins killed for looking at a woman of another caste
>the wrong way?

What about all those Tamil brahmin girls forced into prostitution as a
result of Dravidia politics and ensuing discrimination.

>So, in the RSS's opinion, the Muslims ``own'' Kashi, Mathura
>and Ayodhya? If not, what then are they supposed to ``give''

Last time I checked Gyanvapi "mosque" was standing on Kashi Vishwanath
temple, and birthplace of Lord Krishna was under the feet of another

>Are all RSS statements so inane?

Unfortunately, for only those who can quote Bhagvat Gita, but cannot
understand it. You got it - "pseudo-Hindus"!



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